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Auto Accidents

Accidents occur in the United States every single day. From motor vehicle crashes to work-related injuries to slip and fall accidents, there are countless ways that Americans suffer injury each year, often at no fault of their own. At Barnett Chiropractic and Massage Center, we take great pride in our ability to treat pain with advanced technology and proven methods. By treating each and every patient on an individual level, we create a customized approach to treating the patient’s ailments and injuries.

The highly-trained and skilled chiropractor and therapists in our office strive to combine a number of techniques to create a path to recovery that is sustainable.We focus on providing unmatched care and treatment to all of our patients.

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Almost 36,000 injuries are suffered every single year in the state of Connecticut as a direct result of an auto accident. From minor injuries such as whiplash to more severe injuries such as rib and torso injuries, the impact of a typical traffic crash is serious. In many cases, the most successful way to address auto accident injuries is by speaking to a seasoned chiropractor. In these cases, the chiropractor is able to assess the injury and develop a treatment plan to concentrate on healing and pain management for the accident victim. We will work with your personal injury lawyer to get you back on your feet.