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Sports Injuries

Dr. Barnett working on a MMA Fighter

We treat and teach athletes how to decrease their own symptoms through low tech means such as joint stabilization exercises and activity enhancement.

We have worked with athletes from:

  • MMA Strike Zone
  • WNBA
  • NCAA Basketball
  • PVL (pro volleyball league)
  • Team USA
  • WSCF (world strongman cup federation)
  • USGA

Sports injuries can affect just about any part of the spinal, neurological and skeletal systems. An all-inclusive chiropractic diagnostic examination can pinpoint the location and nature of the injury sustained. An evaluation of the body can locate any pressure points created by the injury and a Doctor of Chiropractic can then recommend a course of corrective treatment. 

     In addition to a chiropractic examination, an x-ray might also be required to check for broken bones, tissue damage or fractures. If the injury is serious, an MRI or CT scan might be suggested to check for internal injuries through our Physician's Network.

     Apart from injuries sustained during an actual mishap, the constant strain on the body during physically demanding sports can take its toll. The heavy physical-stress can have a compounded effect on minor injuries which are not treated in time, turning them into severe ones. This is one of the reasons many athletes regularly undergo preemptive chiropractic diagnosis.

The chiropractic approach to treating sports injuries, or even those sustained at home, comprises a blend of natural techniques and non-invasive methods like physiotherapy and chiropractic massages. For injuries that have affected the nervous or spinal system, the treatment may include a chiropractic adjustment, or a series of adjustments, that are focused on improving flexibility and returning natural movement to the injured joints.